The Newbie Mom Blogger Challenge: Upwork

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Hey all of you talented aspiring writers! Are you like me? Do you want to write and get paid to share your ideas? Well if so you’ve also probably combed the internet looking for the just right formula to get you to your goals.

There is so much free advice out on the internet. As a self-proclaimed Pinterest junkie, I’d spent the last few months looking into work-at-home opportunities. As a single mom, college student, and new blogger, I’m ready to find what works for me, and let you know if it’s worth your time and trouble too!

The most popular posts today seem to be the ones hawking some surefire, no fail plan to make money from home. The lists of sites offering to pay you to write are endless. And also very tempting if you’re looking to leave a job you hate or bring in some extra money or stay at home with your kids.

But do any of them really work for a brand new freelancer or blogger?

My Newbie Mom Blogger Challenge plan is to actually try out and then report to you what works (and pays!) and what doesn’t. So let’s get started! Continue reading “The Newbie Mom Blogger Challenge: Upwork”


Why It’s Never To Late To Start Over

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Two of the biggest questions I had when my life basically fell apart was, “what can I still do?” and “Am I too old to start over?”

I was not in my 20’s and and very close to not being in my 30’s anymore. I had two young children. I had little to no savings accumulated. My credit was shot. I didn’t even have my own home anymore. It was enough to make anyone want to give up. Continue reading “Why It’s Never To Late To Start Over”


The Newbie Mom Blogger Challenge

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As you’ve probably figured out by now, I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason. Usually we don’t have a clue what that reason is until far later down the path we’re traveling.

Ultimately the reason is always a lesson we needed to learn on our journey to becoming the person we are really meant to be. For my part, I am trying this new thing where I attempt to have patience and faith in God/universe/higher power instead of my usual modus operandi where I freak out when challenges arise and try to force the outcome in my favor. Also known as being a control freak.

And guess what? The Universe has conveniently provided me a nice plot twist in my life. How can I not rise to the challenge?

A perfect opportunity to test my above theory and which entails me the chance to use some of what I’ve learned over the past few years about acceptance and believing in yourself. So this time instead of my usual plan of action where I panic and grasp at any straw available, I’m going try to give faith a chance. And I’m not going to worry because there’s always time for panic later!

I recently lost my paying gig working for a major health insurance company. It was a fairly unpleasant surprise and I spent about 48 hours after I found out in a daze. However, the job was a soul sucking experience where I was mostly miserable and working with mostly miserable people.

But after the daze wore off, I decided, I should try the thing I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time – which is create a space for other women like me that focuses on friendship, understanding, and empowerment. That is this website.

If you haven’t poked around the site yet, please read my about page for the full synopsis.

The streamlined version is this: I am a single mother to two little girls and I am here to share my joys and challenges and to talk about the struggles single moms often face: Isolation, added stress of being the sole breadwinner, having to play dual roles as nurturer and disciplinarian, and more.

But mostly I’m here as proof that we’re not alone – there are thousands of us! There has to be if 50% of marriages still end in divorce.

Ah, but the challenge!

If you are on the web at all you probably have also seen the claims that you can actually earn money blogging.  If not, check out my Pinterest page on the subject.

My plan is to put these theories to the test. Every week I will devote one post to updating my progress using advice from one of the many blogs touting success.

The rest of the time you can still count on discussions about single life, parenting, motherhood, and more.

But just think, if this works out, you’ll have a road map for creating your own Mom Blog to follow!


5 Reasons Why You Should Always Follow Your Instincts

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photo credit: Hawk Fly Over via photopin (license)

This post is dedicated to everyone who has ever second guessed themselves. It’s okay, you are not alone.

This is what happened when I went against my gut instinct, when I fought to stifle the part of myself that needed to change. Spoiler alert, it can’t be done. You can put off the inevitable but not forever…

While cutting my hair was in hindsight a big earth shaking start to my eventual new life, the changes didn’t happen overnight. Oh no my friend, if you are like me, you can talk yourself out of just about anything.

I could feel this monumental shift in my soul….a dreadful feeling of, THIS IS NOT WORKING. My marriage. My business. My life.

My authentic self was a hot mess.

But about a minute after having this life altering epiphany, I immediately thought: “what if I’m wrong?”

What if what I thought was telling me to let go and move on was really a test to see how committed I was to the life I had chosen?

Maybe I was supposed to prove that I could stick it out – you know, “through the good times and the bad”?

I regularly said to anyone who would listen, “so, when do the good times start?” But still, what if I was wrong?

However I have always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. That;s right – even the crappy, unbelievably bad stuff. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why You Should Always Follow Your Instincts”